VEIT 40 Heavy Duty Day-Old Chick Trailer

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Load capacity 115,200+ chicks
Cooling capacity 20 tons/compressor
Heating capacity 120,000 BTU/heater
Fan capacity 13,200 CFM
Outside temperature range -25°F to 115°F
Power sources 3, including tractor option
Trip duration up to 40 hours

The High-Tech Trailer

The VEIT 40 Heavy Duty combines VEIT’s globally respected heating, cooling, and fresh air technology with robust construction for unrivaled performance, durability, and day-old chick quality.

VEIT Trailer

Powered by our industry-leading technology

Dual Transport-Grade Cooling Compressors

Dual Transport-Grade Cooling Compressors

Each DEUTZ engine has a 20-ton, engine-driven compressor that is specially designed for logistics applications.

Reliable DEUTZ Engines

Reliable DEUTZ Engines

Two powerful DEUTZ engines are completely integrated with fully-automated starting features. Covered by DEUTZ’s wide network of service centers all over the country.

Dual Diesel-Fired Heaters

Dual Diesel-Fired Heaters

Each diesel-fired hot water heater provides 120,000 BTU of reliable, even heat throughout the trailer – more than enough to maintain the perfect chick temperature even on the coldest days!

3D Air Circulation

3D Air Circulation

The scientifically refined VEIT 3D ventilation system is powered by durable, high-efficiency fans and is designed to evenly distribute a high volume of temperature controlled, oxygenated air.

24V DC Power

24V DC Power

No more generators. Both engines are equipped with powerful, transport-friendly 24V DC alternators to provide clean, safe, reliable power and industry-leading fuel efficiency.

Low-Maintenance Biosecurity

Low-Maintenance Biosecurity

The cargo space is made of high-quality, smooth and corrosion-resistant materials and equipped with quick-release ceiling panels and waterproof fans for easy, thorough cleaning in a fraction of the time.

Easy-Access Mechanical Room

Easy-Access Mechanical Room

All technology is centralized in our specially designed Mechanical Room. It provides quick access to the controls and machinery for easier daily maintenance and quick repair turnaround.

Long-Lasting, Quality Materials

Long-Lasting, Quality Materials

Steel framing, thick plated walls and a reinforced floor increase the lifetime of your investment while reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

And there’s more…

Eco Transport

An optional 24V DC power source can be provided from the tractor engine to reduce fuel and operating costs while also providing an additional layer of backup. Ask our team for more details.

External Filter Access

Our quick-replace filter system lets drivers access the filters from outside the vehicle, saving time and ensuring optimum air circulation throughout the entire trip.

Trip data management

The VEIT Fleet Monitoring system provides real-time data and records all functions and conditions during any trip. An onboard alert system is also in place to keep drivers and managers fully informed.

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    Custom Solutions

    The cargo space can be fully customized to accommodate your specific day-old chick transport needs.

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    On-Site Training

    Our specialists will provide comprehensive, on-site training to support your operators and shop teams.

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    Live 24/7 Support

    From operators to shop techs, we are here for you. Our round-the-clock US-based telephone support helps get your vehicles back on the road quickly.

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Other available models

  • Truck Model VEIT 5

    VEIT 5

    Capacity: 24,000 chicks. GVWR: 10,000 lbs. The VEIT 5 offers a fully-automated temperature and CO2 controlled environment ideal for small loads of any distance. No special drivers license required!

    Ask our team about customizing this truck to your needs.

  • Truck Model VEIT 12

    VEIT 12

    Capacity: 45,000 chicks. GVWR: 26,000 lbs. The VEIT 12’s fully-automated, controlled environment is maintained by an onboard engine as well as the truck engine.

    Ask our team about customizing this truck to your needs.

  • Truck Model VEIT 26

    VEIT 26

    Capacity: 90,000 chicks. GVWR: 26,000+ lbs. The fully-automated VEIT 26 can draw its power from two onboard engines as well as the truck engine and offers the largest capacity of any straight truck on the market.

    Ask our team about customizing this truck to your needs.

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First-Class Chick Transport

Stress-free chick transport is vital for a successful grow out. No matter when or where, VEIT’s powerful, user-friendly technology ensures that your day-old chicks are protected throughout the journey.

Effective, Efficient Airflow

VEIT 3D airflow technology has been scientifically developed to efficiently circulate the air throughout the cargo space.

Adaptive Temperature Control

Computerized multi-zone temperature sensors provide an even temperature environment and can easily be configured for any size of load.

CO2-Responsive Ventilation

Automatically controlled fresh air for the birds is our standard feature which improves bird comfort and, most importantly, health.

Clear Alerts

The onboard safety system features acoustic and visual alarms to alert the driver of potential issues and can even notify managers about them via text message.

Reliable Manual Overrides

All computerized control systems are backed up by simple manual control features.

VEIT Chick Comfort
You’ve never seen anything like it

Our state-of-the-art technology has been developed to deliver unmatched chick comfort and quality in numerous ways.

Unprecedented Safety

Unprecedented Safety

Multiple backups, including electrical power, heating, cooling and ventilation, coupled with an easy-to-read dashboard display all ensure that your day-old chicks arrive comfortable and secure.

Better Livability

Better Livability

Vibrant, healthy chicks yield significantly better 3- and 7-day mortality rates and are able to benefit most from their genetic growth potential.

Reduced Stress

Reduced Stress

Calmer chicks naturally move to feed and water more quickly, minimizing the impact of transport on their development.

Improved Welfare

Improved Welfare

Maximizing chick comfort ensures a higher quality of life for your birds and greatly contributes to your animal welfare goals.

But don’t just take our word for it…

“They’re built for simple operation. Crank them, turn on the computer, adjust the controls and you’re ready to go. They’re easy to operate, easy to clean and make it easy to keep an eye on the birds.”

Andrew Hurley
Area Hatchery Manager, Wayne Farms

Your goals are our goals


Lower Operating Costs

Improved livability and fuel efficiency mean a much faster return on your investment.

Maximized Genetic Potential

Minimizing the impact of transport on chick development decreases FCR and yields higher quality products.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Streamlined design and robust construction mean fewer repairs and faster turnarounds.

More Efficient Logistics

Optimized storage features allow you to transport more chicks per load and reduce farm trips.

Increased Grower Satisfaction

Attract and retain the best growers by consistently delivering high-quality chicks.

Improved Animal Welfare Audits

Safe, secure chick transport can greatly improve your compliance ratings among customers.

Hatchery managers

Happier Chicks

Comfortable chicks mean better 3- and 7-day mortality rates and fewer quality issues.

Less Downtime

Specially designed machinery reduces breakdowns as well as repair and maintenance times.

Better Driver Retention

Simple controls, reliable backups along with dedicated training and support keep morale high.

Proactive Monitoring

Real-time diagnostics and alerts keep you well informed on the status of each shipment.


Easy Operation

No need to get out. Conditions inside the trailer can be fully controlled and monitored directly from the cab.

Simplified Cleaning

Smooth surfaces and quick-release panels make it easier than ever to keep the trailer clean and safe.

24/7 Support

Our customer support team is always available to help you resolve any issues that may come up on your road.

Peace of Mind

Extensive safety features and backups ensure your precious cargo stays safe and is delivered successfully.

VEIT North America

We are a fully-equipped and staffed operation dedicated to the North American poultry industry. All sales, assembly, delivery and full support are coordinated from our headquarters in North Carolina. Our technology is sourced from VEIT Electronics who has been supplying the global poultry market with solutions for over 30 years. We are ready to work with you to meet and even exceed your chick-transport requirements.

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